Bruce Caldwell

Premier pole vault pole designer.

Founder of ESSX and FiberSport pole vault poles.


1974 Author, The Elusive bar, endorsed by Steve Smith, Olympian, world record holder

1975 Sky Pole, Costa Mesa, CA

1976 Founded FiberSport

World records on FiberSport poles:

Earl Bell, world outdoor record holder

Billy Olson, 11x world indoor record holder

Wkadyslaw Koalewcz, world record and gold medalist

1991 Joined with Sports Supply Group (SSG) to market pole vault and high jump landing systems

1993 Made Cat-a-Pole vaulting poles for DFW Distribution

1996 With SSG, Official Equipment Supplier to 1996 Olympics in Atlanta

1998 Founded ESSX Sport

ESSX pole vault poles, ESSX athletic shoes and ESSX landing systems

Vaulters on Caldwell designed poles include:

Sam Kendricks, 2x World champion, Olympian, American record holder

Robeilys Peinado (Ruby), Gold medalist, South American Champion. Lima, Peru

Kellie Suttle, 2x Olympian (2000, 2004), World Indoor medalist

Jillian Schwartz, Olympian (2004), 3x All-American

Tracy O’Hara, 5x NCAA Champion

Tye Harvey, World indoor championship medalist

Bubba Sparks, World Masters Champion

2014 Sold ESSX to Japanese conglomerate UST-Mamiya Golf, remaining in consulting and relationship role

2019 Re-launched FiberSport

Introduced a lineup of premium-designed poles updated with 40+ years of design experience, producing the best in hybrid carbon fiber and kevlar poles available on the market today.

“Helping others to enhance their talent and vault higher.

My design experience is in every pole.”

Bruce Caldwell